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At the end of the day we were graced with an amazing sunset. What an incredible end to an incredible day! We tore down the equipment and started the less fun part of the day; packing it up and stuffing it all back in the truck.

Of course, because Vaughn had the camera he was doing more picture taking than work but we got some great sunset pictures to go along with the rest of the day. Tommy, being the all around good guy and hard worker did an excellent job of, well, working.

After getting everything put back, and for some reason, even though we didn't take home more than we brought, we somehow found ourselves with less room than when we arrived and had to stuff a few drums under Vaughn's feet for the ride home.

We headed over to Wendover for a quick prime rib dinner and then hit the highway for that two hour trip home.

The pedals and truck were caked with salt and for the next couple of days Tommy was busy rinsing and scrubbing things back to brand new condition. The green kit was then shipped off to Jim at Drum Art.

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