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While we were setting up we had a lot of trouble with the weather and were a little concerned we might have to be picking cymbal stands up off of the ground as they were dragged across the landscape by high winds. We only had one cymbal stand hit the ground which was a little bit odd because our seventy pound ladder was also knocked over. The cymbals are much lighter and were like parachutes in the wind! But we consider ourselves lucky. Not sure when all that salt might do to the bronze.

We didn't have any rain fortunately. We did keep a close eye on the storm that happened to keep itself far off in the distance. That thing looked menacing!

It was a bit of a miracle because just about the moment we screwed the last cymbal on its stand the skies cleared and we had amazing light and beauty.

Click through the thumbnails to see our setup and the nasty weather we used our Jedi mind powers to thwart.

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