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We arrived to the Bonneville Salt Flats in the late afternoon of August 22, 2010 from Salt Lake City, Utah. It was about a two hour trip including stops for sustenance.

The forecast called for high winds and rain storms. The late summers in Utah bring some of the most spectacular lake affect storms you can imagine when the temperatures are changing, and this day was one of those.

I had faith that this day was the perfect day to execute this vision of mine so while Tommy reported the inclement weather impending, after some prayer I assured him that things were being prepared for us and that the weather would provide for some spectacular lighting and cloud effects.

As we arrived and began to set up we were met with about 45 mph winds and some awesome storms in the distance. A couple of rain drops were felt and the sun was obscured by clouds, which was very nice to keep us cool while we were throwing around all the gear.

The temperature was in the mid 80s and the air was quite pleasant. I began to shoot the scenery around us with the clouds, the storms and the dust being stirred by the high winds. As setup continued the clouds began to part and the wind began to die down.

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